Kevin Prather

Since 2006, Mr. Prather has worked as a 3D Character and Technical artist for video games, video production, and private clients ranging from individuals to companies such as Sony Online Entertainment. In this role, Mr. Prather would meet with clients to discover and outline specific needs, troubleshoot technical issues, and ensure overall quality during the production process. Mr. Prather’s 3D work required technical programming tasks and problem-solving skills that he discovered he enjoyed as much as the creative side. This led him to take training courses in programming and database management. In early 2022, Mr. Prather was hired by JHensley Consulting to become an Agiloft Implementer after completing his Advanced Certification and Implementation Course.

Past Performance with Agiloft

Financial Lender.

Working on this project, Mr. Prather created new layouts on several and the creation of fields to determine the visibility of existing fields. This project helped streamline the decision-making process for users by clearly defining and presenting necessary information through choices to determine relevant fields for specific loan types and hiding unnecessary fields to prevent misunderstanding or incorrect submissions.

Consulting Firm.

Mr. Prather created and implemented Print Templates for this consulting firm project, aiding in the expedient creation of contracts between the firm and clients. Using the Agiloft Contract Assistant templates were designed to insert or remove clauses as necessary based on conditions as well as quickly populate fields in the consulting firm’s KB through tagged fields in the generated contracts.


While working on this project Mr. Prather’s primary tasks were the creation of new fields and source tables that pulled information from background tables and fields. These tasks created a table that succinctly calculated, combined, and presented information from multiple tables for the easy tracking of account records and costs for the college.

Non-Profit Government Subcontractor.

This project primarily consisted of the creation and management of fields and field labels across multiple tables to ensure uniformity in the way information was presented to users. In addition to the management of field uniformity, Mr. Prather was tasked with the creation of multiple action buttons that handled conversion of contract information from one table to another and establishing related table connections for record relation.

Multi-State Education Network.

While working on this project Mr. Prather was tasked with the management of permissions for multiple groups to ensure proper viewing and creation of contracts, the creation of choice lists for company divisions available across multiple tables, and the creation of fields based on company specs to ensure uniformity across the KB. Combined these tasks ensured that users had proper access to necessary fields for viewing and editing as well as appropriate options and labeling to guarantee ease of user experience.


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