My name is Justin Hensley, and I help clients both big and small work smarter and more efficiently. I use software to solve problems for individuals and businesses who can't afford to spend their time evaluating, implementing, or optimizing their current systems or processes.

The typical client falls into one of these main categories:

Too Busy to Figure It Out

They’ve purchased an expensive software that promised it would run itself and require little to no set up. However, everyone is too busy doing their jobs and they don’t have time to set up the software correctly or learn how to use it.

I learn how to use the software quickly, set it up, write easy-to-follow instructions, and provide user training and on-going support.

Overwhelmed and Treading Water

They feel like things are slipping through the cracks, be it too many emails, too many leads to track, too many support requests.

I identify their greatest pain points, introduce software solutions or show them features of their existing software they are not using, and train them how to leverage it so they feel in control.

Good, Not Great

Things feel “just okay” at work. The day-to-day operations feels inefficient. There’s too much effort put into processes that could (and often should) be automated so their team can focus on what matters most.

I review their current business practices — from bottom to top — to identify gaps and improve communication and collaboration among team members. I document how things are currently being done, how it can be improved, and help with implementation and training if a new solution is adopted by the team.

No Time to Optimize

They have their processes and their software up and running well, but need to make some changes. They need updates to their systems, documentation, as well as user support, training, and on-boarding, but it’s not enough to justify a full-time position.

I familiarize myself with their company, their software, and their people. I provide user support — either on-site as needed or remotely — to update their systems, their documentation, and assist users with all manner of every day challenges. If they have new modules or initiatives they’d like to roll-out, I shepherd the project to completion.

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Clients & Testimonials


Agiloft Platinum Partner

Over 3 million users at organizations ranging from small enterprises to U.S. government agencies and Fortune 100 companies depend on Agiloft’s innovative applications for Contract Management, Help Desk, Custom Workflow, and more. Agiloft specializes in automating processes that are too complex for competing vendors. Our best practice templates and agile technology ensure rapid deployment and a fully extensible system.

Stories About What I Do

I offer a wide range of software system consultation, implementation, enhancement, reporting, documentation, training, and support services across a variety of platforms and industries, with a special emphasis on contract management.

That’s a mouthful. It’s easiest to explain what I do by telling a few stories.

“We just launched Concur for tracking T&E expenses. We need you to write a manual on how to use it and train everyone in the company – including the remote offices – next week.” I wrote a comprehensive user guide – full of screenshots and easy-to-follow instructions (rather than the nearly-impossible-to-decipher user guides provided by some software companies) – and co-led the training with the Vice-President within a week. Note: I had never used Concur before this assignment, but I became their system administrator for it afterwards.

My skillset involves quickly learning how to use a new software, customizing the existing features to meet the client’s needs, training the users, and then serving as a system admin to maintain it. The software may be different, but many of the concepts remain the same: setting up users, creating roles, designing workflows, determining the best run-time parameters for reporting, etc.

“The employees all like you. It’s rare to find someone who is both good with computers and good with people.” This compliment from a client means a lot to me. I get along well with others, and I enjoy teaching people things I’ve learned that I think are cool – whether it’s software or sailing.

“Trouble-shooter” – that’s the nickname the accounting team at one firm gave me. The company had a variety of systems that were new to me, and that were also frustrating to a lot of the employees. I’d visit their desks, listen to their problems, screenshot any issues or errors, and then figure out how to solve it -- or get the right support rep to solve it if I could not. This improved morale since employees felt heard and saw results quickly.

Prior to becoming a consultant, I owned and operated a business with my wife for 13 years. It was a new franchise concept in the home meal replacement space. Naturally, I gravitated to operations, helping develop internal systems in our store that ultimately were adopted by the entire fledgling franchise. As an owner, I managed a team of 20 employees as well as interacted face-to-face with thousands of customers a year for hours at a time. (This is where I honed my listening and troubleshooting skills.)

As a small business owner, I did it all: HR, accounting, marketing, procurement, even basic repairs. While systems and operations are my strong suit, I was forced to develop my soft skills through managing others, working with challenging customers, and connecting with our guests to assist them with all of their needs. When we sold it, the CEO told me that our store was easily best run store in the entire franchise. Our guests were also sad to see us leave since many of them had become (and several still are) our friends.

I graduated from Texas Christian University with two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Writing Emphasis, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV/Film with Departmental Honors. Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key, Chancellor Scholar, Magna Cum Laude, yadda yadda yadda.

But really, if you ask my childhood friend, he’ll tell you: “Of course Justin is a software consultant now. When we’d get a new video game, he’d be in the corner reading the manual for 20 minutes while we all played the game. Then he’d come over and beat all of us because he’d figured out how to do everything!”

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If you need help getting your business, teams, or systems running at peak performance, drop me a line, schedule a coaching call, or message me on LinkedIn. Together we can figure out the best solutions to your unique challenges.

Companies rely heavily on their software to help them work efficiently and effectively. The heart of any great company, however, is the people. I look forward to working with you and your team.

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