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We are JHensley Consulting, and we help clients both big and small work smarter and more efficiently. Contract Lifecycle Management is one of our specialties.
Whether you have 100 contracts or 10,000, there’s a solution tailored for you. One recent client has contracts that are negotiated around the world and had over 20,000 agreements to manage. Another client had over 17 locations that needed assistance keeping track of all their vendor agreements, board approvals, and internal documents.
If you’ve never heard of contract management software before, you’re not alone. It’s a rapidly growing field as businesses begin to realize the value in being proactive with their contracts: tracking expenses, being alerted about upcoming automatic renewals, or speeding up the negotiation cycle to close more sales. The investment in a contract management solution pays dividends for years to come.

Contact us for your free consultation to learn more about your contract management options. If you already have a solution in place and need help with implementation, training, or user adoption, let’s talk!

Agiloft Editions


  • Repository
  • Negotiate, execute, and store
  • Basic workflows and automation
  • Analyze, manage, and change
  • Agiloft assistants for Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Teams
  • DocuSign / Adobe Sign
  • SSO


  • Pre-built AI modules
  • Contract creation from document templates
  • IPAAS connectors and API's
  • Advanced workflows and automation
  • Salesforce connector
  • + All Essential Features
Most Popular


  • Custom AI modules for 3rd party contract review
  • Custom AI modules for legacy contract review
  • Connected experiences platform
  • + All Essential & Advanced Features

Key reasons to work with us

Full Contract Lifecycle Management

We give you the power to manage your contracting from draft through signature, including post execution obligation management. All powered by Agiloft.

Unlimited customization

You don’t need to be a developer to configure Agiloft. Built on a no-code platform, it gives you the flexibility to make changes regardless of technical background.

Pre-built and open integration API’s

We understand that integrations are vital. Agiloft offers a variety of prebuilt connectors for common applications, embedded access to Workato, and the ability to create your own custom API scripts.


Need help with determining if a CLM is right for you? You came to the right place! With experience in nearly every industry, let’s get together and see if Agiloft is right for you.


What's New With Agiloft?

Curious about the latest and greatest with Agiloft's CLM? Check out all of Agiloft's new features below!

Most Frequently Asked Questions
About this CLM

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software automates your contract workflows through request, negotiation, approval, signature, and even renewal notifications. Implementing a CLM gives companies significant savings and increases efficiency in procurement, legal, sales, and compliance. 

Agiloft is built on a no-code platform, which means that regardless of technical background, you can easily learn Agiloft. The Agiloft suite comes with fully customizable functionality for buy and sell side contracts. It includes a centralized repository, automated templates, flexible approval workflows, automated notifications, seamless integration into other systems, and much more. 

Experience and personality. Our clients value us for our deep expertise and the level of service we offer. If having a team of responsive experts is something you value, look no further than JHensley Consulting for your Agiloft needs.