Eric Posatko

Mr. Posatko holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Engineering Science from Penn State University. After graduation he worked as a quality assurance and implementation engineer for an international health and wellness company. His primary duties included hardware/software interfacing, root cause analysis, and translating customer feedback into design specifications. Mr. Posatko passed his Agiloft Advanced Certification exam in the Spring of 2022. He welcomes the opportunity to use and improve his analytical skills in the contract lifecycle management and business process management field.

Past Performance with Agiloft

Client Requirement Incorporation

Mr. Posatko has organized and led numerous customer feedback sessions in which he introduced clients to a piece of technology. Sometimes walking them through its use and sometimes allowing them to go in blind, he gathered information on how they interacted with the system, both actively via their feedback and passively through observations of their performance. These insights were then translated into actionable ideas on how to engineer a better product. Mr. Posatko worked on these sessions as a PM and primary contact.

Data Collection Designer

In order for an organization to run efficiently it must collect effective and reliable data. Mr. Posatko has worked to maintain and improve standard methods for acquiring testing data. His focuses were: relevance, i.e. asking the right questions and running the right tests to obtain useful information; repeatability – ensuring that data was site and operator-independent; and ease of use – guaranteeing that all testing activities were safe and as simple to perform as possible. Mr. Posatko served as a coordinator and results validator on these projects.


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