Justin Hensley

Mr. Hensley has been a software consultant and system administrator since 2015. In 2019, several clients needed assistance with their existing CLM systems. When Mr. Hensley found their systems to be clunky with limited capabilities, he went in search of a better solution and discovered Agiloft. Seeing the flexibility and benefits of Agiloft, Mr. Hensley pivoted his company to focus exclusively on Agiloft implementations. Mr. Hensley serves as a business analyst, project manager, senior architect, and senior implementer. He brings with him over eighteen years of customer service experience and operational management. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Christian University.

Past Performance with Agiloft

Fortune 100 Enterprise.

Mr. Hensley’s first project with Agiloft involved creating print templates – including dual language templates – integrated with a clause library for a Fortune 100 company. The print templates were used to streamline contract generation across company sites worldwide. Mr. Hensley served as an Implementer.

Financial Lender.

Mr. Hensley created a customized solution to automate their lending process – from initial application to fully funded loan. It included a web portal for borrowers to submit project and loan applications. The system he designed automated internal due diligence, task management, and document management. It also provided for customized underwriting reports, complex credit memos, and alerts to provide greater insights into all aspects of the lender’s portfolio and process. It was a “ground up” build of two new process tables to capture and process all of the data required to generate over 80 different loan documents. Mr. Hensley served as Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Senior Implementer.

Multi-state health insurance provider.

This project implemented a Contract Lifecycle Management System with an extensive clause library able to populate over 100 different insurance policies across several states. It included a full task workflow to track and assign required tasks to each person on the legal team as the company expands their services into new states. It also provided an audit trail for the company to see when clauses were changed and confirm that the responsible department for that clause approved the new language. Mr. Hensley served as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, and Senior Implementer.

Microbiome Therapeutics Company.

This project implemented a Contract Lifecycle Management system that integrated with the company’s procurement system to assist with synchronizing their Purchase Orders with the correct Contract ID in Agiloft. It also prevented users from being able to send out a contract from Agiloft until the PO was approved in the other system. The project included a signing authority matrix for each department so legal team members would also choose the correct internal signer for the company. This implementation also included the Word ACA and Outlook ACA (Agiloft Contract Assistant). Mr. Hensley served as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, and Senior Implementer.

Multibrand Education Network.

This project involved creating new workflows for an existing Agiloft client, updating the GUI, and revising existing notifications, fields, and system logic. The new workflows included a workflow by department and a workflow by location. Each workflow involved an approver matrix that outlined the approval authority for both contract amount and term. A contract would be required by everyone in the approver chain – from the bottom to the top – until it reached a person who could approve both the amount and the term length. As a catchall, if no one in the chain had approval authority for the full amount or the length of term, it would be sent to the CEO for approval. Mr. Hensley served as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, and Senior Implementer.

Higher Education University.

This project for an existing Agiloft client involved adding new fields and extra system logic so the legal team could have better insight into high priority approvals needing their attention. It also involved creating additional automation to flag approvals on their second pass (or higher) through the system to highlight them. Mr. Hensley served as Project Manager and Solution Architect.

Television Data Metrics.

This project for an existing Agiloft customer was to implement the survey functionality in the system to allow the company to internally gather results from their executive team. The system was designed to send a monthly survey to the executive team, show them their answers from the previous month, and allow them to update/change any of their answers. This provided the company with additional reporting and metrics they could use internally to improve their processes. Mr. Hensley Served as Project Manager and Solution Architect.

Gene-Therapy Biotech Company.

This project involved an implementation to capitalize on Agiloft’s ability to create custom reports and KPI tracking. Automated dashboards and reports were designed to track metrics such as active or expiring contracts, number of tasks opened and resolved, and number of contracts per department. KPI’s included the cycle time that contracts took to move throughout the entire lifecycle, including breakdowns per stage, i.e. review, approval, signature.

Global Infrastructure Firm.

This project consisted of an enterprise-wide implementation that included a sync with Microsoft Dynamics and Agiloft Artificial Intelligence key term and clause extraction. It streamlined the process to convert opportunities in Dynamics to Projects in Agiloft that were linked to contract requests and reviews. Additional aspects of the implementation included renewal tracking and notifications, as well as task management allotted to specific projects within the Agiloft system. Mr. Hensley served as Business Analyst, Solution Architect, and Senior Implementer.

National provider of renewable energy infrastructure.

This project involved creating self-service print templates that included several unique fields and conditional logic depending on the contract type. Mr. Hensley served as Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Solution Architect.

Venture Capital Firm.

This project involved process enhancements along with revising Agiloft permissions to allow stakeholders access to contracts connected to their associated projects. The permission structure was broken down by groups and team permission inside Agiloft, so that only certain members could change fields or access confidential information. Mr. Hensley created a projects table to assist in the assigning of team members to a specific project to increase the visibility and collaboration on each project.

Big Three Automaker

Mr. Hensley is currently the Lead Implementer on an Agiloft implementation for one of the Big Three automakers. This project involves building 40+ custom tables to be populated with a regular sync from the client’s external systems. It will also involve building custom process, approval workflow, and task workflows to complete complex transactions involving multiple stakeholders.


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