About Release 25

As we all know, Agiloft is dedicated to delivering the best-in-class customer experience. And what better way to do so than to continuously improve their CLM!

Agiloft’s release 25 is centered around data, but more importantly, reducing the need for manual oversight. So, without further ado, we are excited to announce major changes to our AI capabilities, a brand new connector with Microsoft BI, and new integrations with Google Workspace.

About JHensley

We help clients both big and small work smarter and more efficiently. We use software to solve problems for individuals and businesses who can’t afford to spend their time evaluating, implementing, or optimizing their current systems or processes. 

Our specialties include custom business process automation, contract and commerce lifecycle management automation, and end-to-end loan origination automation built on the Agiloft platform.

Learn Quicker & Understand More With Agiloft's New AI

Quickly and conveniently answers questions about your contracts.

Greater control over legacy contracts by reviewing key terms and clauses with AI.

Mitigate risk and speed up review  & negotiation by rapidly extracting key details.

Train custom AI models to detect exactly what you need.

New Agiloft & Microsoft BI Connector

An estimated 9% of revenue can be saved when contract data is properly understood. Leverage the power of Microsoft BI and Agiloft’s automation to unlock your contract data and save revenue!

The all new connector with Google Mail will allow users to seamlessly integrate contract data and communication across platforms. If you are interested in contract management, don’t overlook Agiloft!

Most Frequently Asked Questions
About Agiloft Implementation

Our team of business analysts, project managers, and implementation specialists will walk your team through scoping and design sessions to nail down your as-is and to-be processes. Then, we will design your Agiloft system, which includes contract, approval, and signature workflows and customized fields, as well as integrate it with your other business systems. Finally, we handle testing and training before handing over your completed system.
Agiloft is built on a no-code platform, which means that regardless of technical background, you can easily learn Agiloft. The Agiloft suite comes with fully customizable functionality for buy and sell side contracts. It includes a centralized repository, automated templates, flexible approval workflows, automated notifications, seamless integration into other systems, and much more.
Experience and personality. Our clients value us for our deep expertise and the level of service we offer. If having a team of responsive experts is something you value, look no further than JHensley Consulting for your Agiloft needs.

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